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The true story of an abandoned kitten in Spain and how a lovely lady finds her and takes her home. Told in rhyme.


Chickens Laugh Out Loud...

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Children's Books

New Release - A Raven's Tale

The tranquil life of the animals living at The Common comes under threat as the ravens try to stage a takeover after a carefully planned attack. They try to blame humans for their actions. The ravens offer protection to the animals in return for slavery. Some of the animals discover the truth and the Plan is hatched to escape and build a new life for them all, the animals of the forest working together to overcome the bullying of the ravens. But will they be successful or will the ravens get their way?

Presented as an entertaining children’s story, this book forms a gentle introduction to the plight of refugees fleeing injustice the world over and presents an opportunity for discussion and understanding of this difficult subjectBUY


 Pip the Penguin Wants to Fly

Penguins can't fly but are great swimmers. Seagulls are great fliers but can't swim. Pip wants to fly like the seagull and the sparrow, but however hard he tries, he can't. It takes a wise Owl to make him see things differently.



Readers' Favorite review: Having read Jane Finch’s books on many occasions, it came as no surprise to me that Pip the Penguin Wants to Fly was so well written and beautifully illustrated. In many ways, the story mimics real life, in that in many instances, a child who is not good at one particular thing will find themselves mocked and ridiculed. It takes a mature and educated mind to see the picture from all angles, and when all parties were enlightened by the fact that Pip could swim underwater, it did not take long for the mocking to stop, with envy taking its place. Pip feeling special, after learning how many things that he can do, rather than focusing on what he can’t, not only makes Pip understand himself more thoroughly, but also lifts his self-esteem. I very much enjoyed Pip the Penguin Wants to Fly, and not only recommend it be read to all young readers aged 2-6, but also be enjoyed as a read-it-yourself learning guide to young children who take an interest in our feathered (and not-so-feathered) friends.

Harry the Hip Hop Hippo

 A dancing hippo? Surely not! Harry is a hippo who loves to dance, but he is worried what the other hippos might think, so he keeps his dancing a secret. As soon as the other jungle animals start playing their music, Harry has to dance. He just can't stop himself. So when the other hippos catch him dancing, what will their reaction be? This is a story about not being afraid to be different. Harry the Hip Hop Hippo has received a FIVE STAR AWARD from Readers' Favorite . BUY

The Lonely Frog

A distant planet and a lonely pink frog. He sits all day long on his slimy log and dreams of having another frog to talk to. When one surprisingly appears, she is not quite what he expects. Told in rhyme this is a fun story young children will enjoy. The Lonely Frog has received a FIVE STAR AWARD from Readers' Favorite. BUY

Pip the Penguin Saves Christmas

The penguins are all wrapped up in their scarves and ready for Christmas morning. But something is wrong. Pip wonders why the penguins look so sad. Then he remembers that each Christmas they like to play in the snow. But there isn’t a flake to be seen. Can Pip cheer up the other penguins and save Christmas? Pip the Penguin Saves Christmas has received a FIVE STAR AWARD from Readers' Favorite BUY

Crazy Zoo

Take a look behind the scenes of the world's craziest zoo. From water that's too cold to a chimp that likes to dress up, you won't believe it until you read it. Thank goodness for Bridget the Brolga Bird, who is always on hand with ideas to solve one crisis after another and endeavours to keep the animals happy and contented. Bridget has a secret. Of course, the animals can't talk to their keeper and tell them what the problem is, but luckily Bridget can talk to the other animals and uses her clever ideas to keep everyone happy. Crazy Zoo has received a FIVE STAR REVIEW from Readers' Favorite. Website: http://www.crazyzoostories.weebly.com/ BUY

Twelve Days To Save Christmas

Magical Mary arrives in Berryfield with with two missions. The first is to bring Christmas back to the town, and the second is to help Esme, a Foundling and a child who does not speak, to achieve her destiny and save Christmas for the town. Mary has to enlist the help of the mysterious Jane and convince her of the role she needs to play to ensure Mary’s missions are fulfilled. The town Mayor has nothing but bad memories of Christmas and has kept the Christmas spirit from the town for so long that the people of Berryfield have forgotten what Christmas is all about. Can Mary and Imi the elf convince Jane to change the mind of the mean-minded Mayor, help the struggling family, and bring Christmas back to the town? Twelve Days To Save Christmas has received a FIVE STAR AWARD from Readers' Favorite BUY

The Crazy Animal Colouring Book

A colouring book based on the characters in the Crazy Zoo book. Lots of interesting facts on the animals and their environment. BUY

Squirrel Wars

Rowan the red squirrel has to not only save his family from attack by the grey squirrels, but save his friend, too. Trouble is, she is a grey squirrel. This is an adventure where Nuthead the rabbit and the Owl help the red squirrels to finally live in peace. This is a story that deals with issues about bullying, racism, and the importance of teamwork. Squirrel Wars has received a FIVE STAR  AWARD from Reader's Favorite BUY