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 Somewhere in the Caribbean is an island that visitors call paradise. Crystal blue waters lap lazily at the sugar white beaches, and tourists flock in their thousands by ship and air to laze in the melting heat and have their every need met by the sleek and handsome staff. Five-star hotels offer saunas and spas and pedicures and every conceivable treatment imaginable. It truly is paradise. Or is it? What lurks behind the scenes of glamour and opulence would chill the heart of every tourist. The people want their island back. They want the tourists gone. And they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. But in the end, Mother Nature is the only winner.


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After Batavia

Still one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of Western Australia. When the Batavia sank in the 1600's following a mutiny, many of the mutineers were executed, some returned to their homeland to face justice, and two were marooned on a remote shore to live or die.  After Batavia is the story of what might have happened to them, and perhaps provide an answer to the mystery of the blue-eyed aborigines that still live in the area today. BUY


Curse of the Dogwood

Two young lovers make one mistake and are destined for a life of misery as their families disown them. This story, set in the 1800's in the wilds of Virginia, follows Clancy and Sarah as they struggle to survive against prejudice and vigilantes. Perhaps the dogwood is really cursed as Clancy tries to remove every tree from his land and give his family a normal life. BUY

The Black Widows

Three women from different backgrounds come together as they devise ways to rid themselves of their husbands. But all is not as it seems as the story looks at the lives of the women and the reason they kill the men they have loved. AWARD WINNER. Website http://blackwidowsbook.webs.com/ BUY

Lucky 13

Thirteen unusual stories to inspire the imagination. What happens when we sleep? Is that Caribbean holiday all that it seems? The young boy in the desert struggling with his destiny, and many more. BUY

Due Process

Amanda is forced to take action to save her family as ghosts from her past track her down and kidnap her husband.  Reluctantly, when the due process of law cannot help her in time, she has to face her tormentor or watch her family destroyed. AWARD WINNER BUY

Sins of the Father - Revenge is Never Sweet

A difficult divorce and a paranoid ex-husband forces Kate to abandon her plans for a new life overseas and to find her beloved child after Alec disappears with him. When she eventually discovers their whereabouts she has to fight for her life and that of her son.BUY

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Some people believe that miracles happen, perhaps once in a lifetime, or sometimes on a daily basis; others believe that amazing events are only coincidences. In this book, ordinary people open their hearts to recount miraculous episodes that have taken place in their lives. Some are life-changing, others are meeting a need, others are incredible answers to prayer.


Freedom - defeating the bullies - a personal journey

 The purpose of this book is to encourage parents who think their child is being bullied to take action. If you know a parent whose child is suffering, please give them a copy of this book. With Foreword by Carrie Herbert, MBE Founder of Red Balloon Learner Centres, a place for the recovery of severely bullied children - ALL PROFITS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO RED BALLOON. BUY



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Fictional account of a true story

Bromholme Priory, A Place of Miracles and Murder


Built at the highest point on land as flat as a tranquil ocean, the ruins of Bromholme Priory in Norfolk crumble silently as the vines burrow between walls that witnessed miracles and murder, sadness and joy, devotion and dedication. Folklore abounds with stories of hidden tunnels and treasures secreted, yet the land groans as load upon load of sugar beet is deposited amongst the heritage that is lost. As mechanical monsters rumble amongst the detritus of centuries past there is an overwhelming sadness that memories of a glorious age appear lost forever. In the quiet of an evening, when the lumbering lorries have left and the air is still, there is an eeriness that mixes with the sadness to create imaginary beings that strive to remind the watcher that all is not as it seems. Bromholme was a place of pilgrimage some nine hundred years hence, where Kings came to attest to the source of the wonders, a piece of the True Cross. An artefact that travelled with a Chaplain of questionable purpose from Constantinople to a tiny, little known village in the heart of Norfolk. As the sea grows ever closer, threatening in time to suck all remnants of the priory into its depths, the secrets remain hidden and the memories continue to fade. But there is, amongst its tumbling towers, a power that seems to emanate from the very flints, where a compass twirls with no purpose and stories of legions marching across the barren fields send a shiver of fear yet a glimmer of anticipation. Such is Bromholme.